Hello world!

Hi everyone, “hello world” is a phrase that is interesting not by its meaning but because it is the first that a programmer recognizes when starting, and even more important because this is my presentation post.

Who am I?

I am Nathal Dawson Díaz, I’m from Chile (SouthAmerica), I’m 23 years old and I am an informatic engineering student (for english-speaking people: similar to Computer Science), I’m currently in my last undergraduate year, and the second year of Master’s Degree in Informatic engineering (software specialization). My desire is to work in a company dedicated to the development of video games in my country or out of my country.

My passion are video games, not because I like play them (this is a lie), but because I like to develop them (for now like a hobby). I think that video games are art pieces, there are different arts in one, also these are very complex in mathematics and physics.

Why am I blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?

Simply because I believe fully in freedom of expression, and as such, I want to make public my ideas, I think I have to say important things, even things that can serve to someone, such as anecdotes and experiences, in addition to sharing my passion with the world.

What topics will I write about?

I’ll write about my experiences as an independent video game developer, how is that I started on this, when I decided that it would be part of my life forever, how I could develop my first video game, what situations have I had to face over time, commenting on the difficulties facing a game developed by a person, what are my current projects, what will be my future projects. I want to make this site a journal of game development and perhaps even talk about anecdotes of my career.

Who would I love to connect with via this blog?

All those people who believe that video games are part of their lives, as a gamer or as a video game programmer. So I would love to hear your opinion and of course if you want to test my games just contact me.

If my blog is succesful throughout the next year, what would I hope to have accomplished?

Probably a game in honor of this blog, but if I don’t have time and I can’t make the game, I promise to make a guide with tips for people just beginning to develop video games (guide that I didn’t have when I started on this and that I would have appreciated a lot).

Finally there is so much to write about, I hope to post in a few days, I hope that this blog will make you laugh or cry or even help to one game developer in the world, and with that, I’m paid, greetings.


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