The mysterious week

Today is the end of the second week of March, it has been intense. Just a week ago I was finishing the prototype of a game, and at the same time I was writing the first post of this blog. I never thought that the support of the communities would be so warm in the social networks. Amazing as it may seem just the opening day of this blog missed a few visits to overcome the total of 100 visits. Also as I said, I uploaded the prototype of a game that was “developed” in less than 10 hours,  which had a very important reception. In this post I want to say thanks to everyone that tested the game and gave me important feedback to motivate me to finish this game.

Less than 10 hours of game development.
Less than 10 hours of game development.

The truth it is that is very difficult that a game is liked by everyone who has tested it, even more when it doesn’t have a great user interface, beautiful graphics or wonderful music, only the main mechanics and a little design. After this important start of week, I had a week of thoughts, research, analysis and conclusions. I finally decided to release this game on the following platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux. At first I was thinking about taking this game out to: iOS and Android, but my conclusion was: this will not be correct. This decision covers not only a subject of adaptability, but much more complex issues. During the summer I found my self developing games with the sole purpose of making money, big mistake. After realizing that unless I have development studio or I work for one, my main goal isn’t to make money from my games, but rather to enjoy making them and learning in the process, and maybe, eventually, get a little income out of them as a reward. But the main reward will be inherent to the process of working on a game for personal interest, and not in the name of profit. I support my conclusion on an idea taken from a post by Daniel Steger, creator of Stegersaurus Software Inc. whose game more successful is “Mount your friends”. I quote:

It seems like every time I make a game without giving a shit about it possible saleability it does orders of magnitude better. When I give up on all my desires for attention and financial success I made something that brings those things to me naturally.

Link to the post

If in the future I develop the full game, perhaps I could release the game on Steam or Itchio, but for now that’s just a dream. I hope that this story continue in the best way. I invite you to discuss the existential question: To do games to live or to do them for personal enjoyment? Why? Can you do both as independent developer?


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