The feast of the Game Jam – Part 1

It was December, 2014 and I was there again, trying to make a game but this time not only for me, this time to share ideas with people around the world, people from Latin-America in the community of game developers on Unity, the first Game Jam of “Unity 3D en Español“. I joined this community in 2013, when it had 1000 members approximately. Since then there I’ve seen a lot of different video games, there are a lot of people with very good skills, like my friends, among them Steve Dy (website), Ignacio Varas (demo), Robert Vega (blog), Ellioth Codina (demo). So if you are a Spanish speaker person and  are using Unity as the engine to make your games, I encourage and recommend to join our community. In this community we are constantly sharing updated content, so you can find people who are searching for a teamwork, people who are publishing their video games, or also people who want to answer your doubts, in the community you can find people who help to other and are helped.

But, actually my motivation to write this post is to talk about the Game Jam that was realized when the community had 2000 members in December, 2014, and the game with which I participated. These were the more relevant rules of the game jam:

  • The lifetime of the game jam would be 1 week (online).
  • The games must adhere to a topic in particular that it will be announced the day of the beginning of the game jam.
  • The games could be about any type (2D, 3D) or genre, but these have to adhere to the topic in particular.
  • The games should be performed with the Unity3D engine.
  • If the games have texts these should be on Spanish.
  • The teams may be formed from 1 up to 5 people.

The topic was finally delivered: “Toys”. I remember that when the game jam started I was on holidays and I could stay awake until late without worrying about having to get up early the next day. Steve who published the information did it in his country Mexico, and because I live in Chile I read it at 00:00 o’clock. I remember being impressed, excited, worried, confused, still in shock, this was my first Game Jam. While I had 1 week to complete the game, I was working alone in this game. Therefore I began to think, think, think, and think, and at 2:00 a.m approximately I knew who would be the protagonist of the game, actually even I wonder if it was sheer luck or not, but I think that the idea came very quickly, whatever it was a baby the image in my brain so I stayed until 4:00 a.m. to make a sprite to represent it. The next day already slightly more relaxed I began to play with the protagonist in a scene of Unity, I made a couple of sprites for the floor and other related to toys. After spending all the day in this I finally decided to make a platform game (2D obviously), what I faced the worst part was to simplifiy everything in this 2D world to finish it within the alloted time, including the essential, the mechanics. I remember that I wanted my game to be a tribute to one of the parents of the 2D platform genre: Mario Bros. So following this idea thought that the only thing the protagonist could do be would be crawling, perhaps rising and could also throw objects like the majority of babies. Based on this I decided that the baby would throw objects with his/her hands, specifically colored cubes which could represent a toy.

Pequeño Tom

On the second day I was already beginning the design of the first level and in that I spent all day. Here is an outline of design (written in Spanish).

Juego: Pequeño Tom
Game: “Little Tom”

As three days had already passed and I still was not starting with the programming so it scared me and I started to program, but that story is for another day…


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