About me

My name is Nathal Dawson Díaz, I’m from Chile (SouthAmerica), I’m 24 years old and I am an engineering informatics student (for english-speaking people: similar to Computer Science), I’m currently in the last year of undergraduate, and the second year of Master’s degree in engineering informatics. Also I’m passionate about the universe and music, but my most important passion are the video games. I’ve been making games for the last 3 years, I learned to program from 5 years ago, and I knew since I was a child I wanted to make video games. My favorite video game is Doom, my favorite star on the universe is Sirius, and my favorite instrument is the drums. My desire is to work in a company dedicated to the development of video games in my country or out of my country.

If you want to contact me personally here I leave my social networks:

Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

And for more information about me:



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